A privately owned and operated company supporting the programs offered by the Independent Electricity System Operator.

We will work with your local utility company and your energy auditor to prepare your audit funding applications. 

We will develop processes to enable your staff to prepare applications internally, and we'll train your team too!

Conservation First Solutions Inc. has successfully completed large quantities of retrofit applications and the paperwork for Audit Funding. 

With your approval, Conservation First Solutions Inc. will register your company on your behalf and prepare your application for retrofit incentives.

Large VolumeS

Audit funding



Our goal is to maximize your incentives!

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Conservation First Solutions Inc. is not affiliated with Conservation First, the IESO, the Ontario Power Authority, or saveONenergy.ca. We are an independent and  incorporated service provider.


Looking for incentive program information? Visit the official saveONenergy site, the Independent Electricity System Operator, or your local hydro utility.

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